Momentous Living

Hi there! You and I may not have had the opportunity to meet so let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Roberts. My wife, Alissa, and I have been members of Mosaic Church Austin since 2019. We spend much of our time exploring the greater Austin area with our three children and the most ferocious 11-pound rescue pup. We moved to Austin from Atlanta in 2018 and I have the amazing opportunity to lead a sales team for a global medical supply manufacturer. It’s nice to meet you!

So, you may be saying to yourself, “Nice to meet you, Ben. But what is this title, Momentous Living and why should I read on?” Great question, I’m glad you asked. If you’ll share 3-5 minutes with me today, I will do my best to make it worth your time. I’d love to share with you something I’ve been learning and how I’m convinced that God has designed us to live, especially in light of the season we are in.

Since COVID-19 crashed into our lives like a fly into a windshield, my “normal” has changed tremendously. Can I get an AMEN? Should I say it louder for the people in the back? You see, I’ve been what many would call a “traveling salesman” for a number of years. My team covers the Southwestern US and that meant that I traveled, often. In March, this all changed and my fast-paced traveling lifestyle slowed down, no, came to a screeching halt. No longer was I traveling through various cities to visit with customers and work with my reps. Instead, I worked quickly to set up a home office, became very familiar with video conferencing, and created my own new version of normal.

In the months since I’ve found myself still very busy working to provide medical supplies to frontline workers, yet much more aware of how I’m spending my time and recognizing the God-ordained moments that are happening both in my life and the world surrounding me. Stopping, recognizing, and oftentimes cataloging, those moments in a journal or with a photo or video to simply ask the simple question. Why does this moment matter?

During this different & difficult season, I’ve been more introspective than usual (which is saying a lot!). While prayer journaling through this COVID-season, God has been speaking to me about these moments that are beautifully monotonous, yet surprisingly different. A few weeks ago, my oldest son and I sat on our back porch, watching the sunrise over the greenbelt that backs up to my house. I had no idea this moment would impact me so deeply but it did. It was just the two of us, talking, praying together, and discussing the next great thing he wanted us to build in Minecraft (a video game). I was grateful for the opportunity to be still (and all the introverts said AMEN), and it hit me that this very moment in time was intentionally designed and orchestrated for me and my son to be together, surrounded by glory…and then I had a two-word thought that was revolutionary for me: Momentous Living.

Momentous Living, according to the Ben Roberts dictionary, is being fully present and aware of the important moments that are happening right here and now. Therefore, we must live these moments to our best ability with intentionality. Each individual time of joy or pain, isolation or belonging, celebration or mourning, are simply moments…that compound to become experiences…that grow into seasons…that then become either catalysts for growth or setbacks. More often than not, I don’t recognize that what I’m experiencing today could ultimately become a defining moment that will either bring life or death to what God has planned for me.

There is no greater compass than Scripture to see how God operates in believers’ lives to generate truly Momentous Living. Take, for example, Paul, The OE (Original Evangelist) while he was in prison, writing Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon. Today, we have the privilege of seeing the massive impact of Paul’s dire circumstances and crazy-challenging moments.

Can you imagine the anxiety, stress, and fear he experienced? Sitting in a prison, writing letters to churches around the known world without certainty if he would survive or foreknowledge that those letters would comprise nearly half of the New Testament. Do you think Paul recognized the power and importance of those moments? Paul lived by the Spirit. He had confidence in each moment of pain and glory and was consistently walking toward his calling and living that out, moment by moment. Consider the implications of Paul’s “Momentous Life” on ours.

Let’s stop for a moment to recognize the place and space in time that God has planted us, right here in ATX. We are in a pandemic-ridden time while also intentionally having crucial conversations around centuries of racial injustice, hoping for change. Why does it matter? I’m convinced no moment exists outside of the plan and purpose that God has for us, no matter how small it may be. It matters because God ordained it to be.

Let’s do something about it, together. This is how I’m intentionally pressing in, to go from life passing me by to being an active participant in the glorious wonder of a Holy Spirit-led life on Earth. Momentous Living has increased my awareness that God is wrapped up in our existence, down to the second, and it’s worth paying attention more closely. This moment, wherever you are — working, raising children, drinking coffee, or preparing for the next item on your to-do list — is worth engaging fully, even if it hurts.

A momentous life, that makes an impact beyond our comprehension, starts with a decision. The decision to be present, to be aware of our impact and to embrace the time we spend in our home, work, and personal space. Be encouraged today, that you and I have the opportunity to truly live in the moment being led by Holy Spirit wisdom and we ARE making an impact on our families, communities, and city.

Will you join me in living a Momentous Life?

Ben Roberts

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