Mosaic Street Ministry

Mosaic Street Ministry is Mosaic’s ministry to the homeless community of Austin.

Without question, there are many things broken in the world around us.

Can we do everything? No, but we can do some things.

Let’s get going.

How to get involved

We have four areas of service within the Mosaic Street Ministry. Individually, they each serve our friends in the homeless community in a practical way. But, combined, they make a profound impact in the lives of those who benefit. Take a moment to see all we are doing and then click the button to sign up and become part of the Mosaic Street Ministry Team.

Snack Pack Events


10am – 11:30a

Once a quarter we do a Snack Pack Event where we prepare Zip-Loc baggies filled with nonperishable food and hygiene items that people place in their cars and distribute to people on the streets throughout the week.

A snack pack event is generally an hour and a half long. The purpose is to provide a practical ministry opportunity where the people of Mosaic can serve those in need throughout the week.

Truck run

1st and 3rd Thursday, every month.

5pm – 9pm

We provide food, clothing, encouragement and prayer for those that will accept it. The purpose is to serve as many people in the homeless community as possible by not only meeting their physical needs, but by also helping them connect to a faith-based community who can model the love of Christ to them.

Sunday Morning Care Team

Once per month

10:15am – 12:00pm

Each Sunday morning we serve the the people in our homeless community that attend a worship gathering at Mosaic Church.  This team provides prayer and encouragement as well as clothing and financial assistance through the use of HEB gift cards. This is a once a month serving commitment.

The purpose is to form new relationships and deepen existing ones while also helping people take the next step in connecting with the larger community and to the heart of God as well.

Mosaic Street Ministry Community Group

The 4th Thursday of each month,

5pm – 7:45pm

We host a community group for our friends in the homeless community.  We provide a meal, scripture reading with a brief discussion, fellowship, and share a birthday cake to celebrate all birthdays each month.

The purpose is to deepen relationships with a goal of transforming lives for Christ.


You can also help by donating items that we need to do the job. Below is a list of what is needed (donations can be brought to the Mosaic Street Ministry table in the lobby at Mosaic Church Austin):

  • Men’s: Gently used jeans, cargo shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes
  • Men’s: new underwear and white socks crew or ankle
  • Women’s: gently used jeans and plain t-shirts, basic/not fancy please, and tennis shoes
  • Women’s: new underwear


  • Winter: blankets, warm clothing
  • Summer: ball caps, suntan lotion
  • Wish list: $10 HEB gift cards (put in the offering plate marked for Mosaic Street Ministry), 2 person tents, tarps and sleeping bags

Community Groups

Community groups are where we seek to live out the Gospel in relationship with others within a smaller community context.

If you are interested in joining one of Mosaic’s Community Groups and would like to be contacted by a group leader to learn more, please complete this card.

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