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My name is Clyde Haynes and I am a longtime member of Mosaic and a Deacon, but I want to get something crystal clear before you read another word. I love the Lord with all my heart, but I am a...

There’s a verse in the Bible we often quote when we’re needing an extra boost to make it through the day or a tough moment. We often cite this walking into intimidating meetings, the home stretch of...

Muchos de nosotros enfrentamos incertidumbre, ansiedad, miedo, enfermedad, pérdida de trabajo y relaciones rotas en el hogar, agravadas por tensiones raciales, maniobras políticas y una pandemia viral. Hay muchas cosas de las que preocuparse, ninguna de las cuales ninguno de nosotros puede realmente controlar (por...

Many of us are facing uncertainty, anxiety, fear, sickness, job loss, and broken relationships at home compounded by racial tensions, political maneuvering, and a viral pandemic. There are many things to be concerned about, none of which any of us can truly control (by ourselves,...

On May 26th, I laid panicking in bed, trying my hardest to fall asleep while my thoughts spiraled. Two notable events had happened earlier in the day: George Floyd’s murder hit the news, and I found out...

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear in Christian circles is “How can I hear God’s voice?” I have also heard this same question presented by those who believe in a “higher power”, but are unsure of...

Jesus, of course, is the perfect model of emotional health, of what the secular writer Daniel Goldman called “emotional intelligence.” In this article, I want to share a few examples of the emotions of Jesus from the Gospels. My...

As we drove through the lowest elevation in America, my anxiety rose to meet the temperature as it hit 118 degrees fahrenheit and the next mountain loomed in front of us. One of my thoughts, as my heart clenched in desperation...

Hi there! You and I may not have had the opportunity to meet so let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Roberts. My wife, Alissa, and I have been members of Mosaic Church Austin since 2019. We spend much of our time exploring...

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