What To Expect This Sunday

Hi Everyone,

In case you have missed the email that was sent out earlier this week or social media updates, I regret to inform you that this week Mosaic Church experienced a devastating loss. Pastor Keivon Liburd suddenly and tragically died while in the middle of a pastors’ meeting on Tuesday morning.

The Liburd family and our staff have been grieving, and so many of you have reached out and expressed your support and love, which has been appreciated. We would not have made it through this week without the prayers of God’s people. So thank you.

This Sunday, as we approach what will be a church family moment, I wanted to communicate a few things about what to expect as the events of this week will shape our Sunday experience.

  1. We will be having an extended time of worship, which will go immediately into a special message. I am believing what you hear will provide us with tools to be able to understand death within God’s vision for life. While this service will not principally be a memorial service, certainly Pastor Keivon’s name will be mentioned and honored, and a Christian perspective about death will be at the forefront.I know that can sound daunting, but as Christians, of all people we ought to–and historically have–faced death and the conversation around it with empathy, with courage and with hope. What you will hear this weekend will reflect all that in tone and content. You will be better for having been here or watching online.
  2. There will be no mKids or Student Ministry this Sunday as we desire to pull everyone together, including kids and teens, for our time together.
  3. Childcare will be available in their traditional classrooms for children in kindergarten and younger.
  4. Because we anticipate a fuller room, both our overflow room and the Student Center (across Jekel Circle in Building C) will be prepared to receive those who come in later or who desire a little more space with the service live streamed. 
  5. There will be a safe, quiet space in the mKids Worship Center for parents to sit with any of their children who are overwhelmed or struggle to remain in the “big room” for any reason. Ministry and counseling support will be available.
  6. Grief counseling will also be available for adults in person Sunday morning. One of Mosaic’s on-staff counselors, Aaron Maleare, LMFT, and others will be present to the left of the coffee bar in the lobby to receive you and connect, should you need counseling services, which will be provided free of charge. Appointments can also be made online.

Details about funeral and memorial services will be forthcoming.As sad as I am, I am looking forward to being with you and being family together. Thank you very much for your prayers and support.MorganP.S. If you would like to wear any mKids apparel that you have, that would be welcomed and more than encouraged!

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