To Make Disciples

This Sunday, November 6, marks an historic day for Mosaic Church: we (soft) launch our second Austin location, off of Slaughter Lane in South Austin. And while this is “only” our second location in Austin, we have a track record of planting churches and launching church planters, all within our Every Nation global spiritual family:

  • We planted The Springs Church in 2007 with Pastor Peter Dusan
  • We sent out Pastor Shad Bell and a core team, along with finances, to begin Family Life Austin, in East Austin in January 2020
  • We just sent Pastor Alvin Brown to Fort Worth to begin Mosaic Church Fort Worth on July 31, 2022
  • You heard on October 23 that we are sending Dan and Kristin Duran to plant in El Paso, TX (more on that later in the year!)
  • And of course, as mentioned, our Mosaic South location soft launch begins this Sunday!

Why do we do all of this?

We don’t plant churches just to plant churches. We plant churches to make disciples, given the clear aim of Christian Scripture and history. Both of these point us to develop meaningful communities which bear marks of the new creation and whose love for the surrounding world is cruciform (cross-shaped) in nature.

In short, we plant churches whose vocation is to bear witness to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose heart is for the nations and whose Word is for all peoples.

We bear witness as individuals as we deny ourselves in a world that tells us to put the self first in all things.

We bear witness as the body of Christ as we serve and care for the poor in our neighborhoods.

We bear witness as professionals as we add value to our workforces and seek the good of the city.

We bear witness as families as we create homes in which the love of God is present and the Word of God is honored.

And we bear witness as we open our mouths and humbly proclaim Jesus as one Savior for all peoples, in a world full of pluralistic, competing truth claims and metanarratives.

As the old hymn says, “We’ve a story to tell to the nations”!

So, why do we plant churches? Because God is honored when we do, Jesus will be worshiped as we do, and people’s lives will be transformed because we do.

And, (almost) best of all, I’m glad to be able to do all this with you.

I’ll see you Sunday (north and south) for my favorite Sunday of the year! If you’re new to Mosaic, you’ll see why; If you’re not, you know the incredible thing we are about to do together on Live Big Sunday.


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