Spiritual Posture + Fasting January 11 – 15

Recently, one of our deacons, Dr. Terrance Green, preached a word from the book of Esther, and within his message, he beautifully taught how lamenting is a way of worshiping our God. When we acknowledge and mourn the pain, hurt, and injustices of this world, we come into agreement with the heart of God.

Lamenting is a spiritual posture…” Dr. Green preached, “…that allows you to see God in ways that you’ve never seen Him before in the midst of your pain, grief, and suffering.”

Spiritual posture is the inner attitude of the heart and mind. It’s something we choose to enter into where we give space and time for Jesus…where we let go and let God. It’s a decision we make to place our trust in God even when it feels too vulnerable. We choose to stay the course and trust Him to do the work through us and for us.


Similar to lamenting, fasting is an intentional spiritual posture we take through the discipline of physically fasting from food or otherwise. To practice the art of fasting is to glorify God. It is a discipline and a work of art; a beautiful piece for our souls to take in. It’s a work because fasting can be difficult and taxing. And it’s an art because beauty, meaning, and a new perspective are found when we commune with God. Fasting places us in a spiritual posture to do just that – set apart time to commune with God.

I don’t know what your heart, soul, and life need right now, but God does. Whatever it is we are longing for, it is within God. The search of belonging (thank you, Pastor Wendell, for your spoken word this past Sunday), peace in the midst of a storm, the path of life you are to take – all of these are within God.

This week I found myself desiring His presence and getting quite annoyed that it was a work to be with Him, but it’s not. I quickly realized how foolish I was and just opened up the Bible to hear Him and commune with Him. Psalm 16 is where I Ianded for those that might need a starting place.

Reflect + Rejoice: Fast | Pray | Worship
January 11 – 15

Next week we will be fasting and praying together through the fasting guide “Awesome God” with our Every Nation global family. Join us January 11 – 15 as we learn more about the character of God, reflect, and rejoice over the God who is faithful. Along with daily time in the Word, I would also like to invite you to join us for one, or all, of our daily prayer calls.

If you have never fasted before, next week is the perfect time to start! I encourage each of you to join us as we fast together to know God more. That is the endeavor we are called to…to attend to His Word, be still and listen to Him, abide and fix our gaze on Him…all while learning more about who He is. Fasting, denying ourselves to practice relying on God, is one way to walk out our faith.

Sign up to learn more about our time of fasting, prayer, and our Evening of Worship, January 15 at 7 pm. Click the image below to register for our daily prayer calls, get a fasting guide, and find other fasting resources and frequently asked questions.

We can’t wait to hear the testimonies from this faith-building exercise! We can do this together and we will be better for it!


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