Special Guest this Sunday + New Mosaic Staff Members

This Sunday, we are excited to have a special guest – Pastor Jim Laffoon.

If you are new to Mosaic, you may not be familiar with him; if you have been a part of the Mosaic community for a while, then you certainly are!

Jim is one of the senior, global leaders in the Every Nation family of Churches and Ministries, of which Mosaic is a part. He is a tremendous Bible teacher, a great counselor and mentor to many churches and pastors (including myself), and Jim has an incredibly strong prophetic gift as well. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, married to his wife Cathy for more than 40 years, Jim travels the globe, ministering the heart of God in a unique way, both within our Every Nation family and to the body of Christ at large. If you are familiar, for example, with the Unite714 prayer movement, Jim was one of the co-founders of that ministry.

While we won’t be able to have him do a large, public, worship and prophetic ministry meeting, Jim will be spending some time with our staff, bringing some encouragement and personal ministry to our team, and he will be preaching live, in our facility, this coming Sunday!

He has, time and again, demonstrated a commitment to me, to our church, and to the body of Christ.

If you have been tracking along with our current series, What About (and I hope you have been!), you should know this Sunday’s message is not connected to that. But it will be great! 🙂

Also, we are excited to announce two new Mosaic Staff Team Members:

First, Elan Patterson is stepping in as our new Director of Communications, replacing Alissa Roberts.

Alissa and her family are relocating to the Atlanta area in a few months for her husband’s employment. They are sad to go; we are sad to see them go; but we are all excited about their future and about receiving Elan.

Elan and her family have been at Mosaic for a decade, and her husband, E.J., is a deacon and a favorite worship leader in mKids! She has extensive corporate experience in this kind of role, and you will see her on Mosaic in a Minute this Sunday.

Second, we are excited to have Lauren Duncan join our team as our new mKids Preschool Coordinator. She is replacing Melissa Moss who did an outstanding job for us for many years, and “Mimi”, as she was known, loved and served many families and children. After around 6 years, Melissa felt like her time in this role had come to an end. But we are excited to have Lauren, a Mosaic deacon and high-capacity leader in mKids, join our team in this role.

As we begin our rolling mKids reopening, parents of preschoolers will see Lauren’s face even more!

That’s it!

Love you all, and see you Sunday!


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