On Women’s Month

When it comes to any honorific or celebratory month during the year, I realize it can be both a “Great!” kind of feeling for those honored that month, or an “I appreciate this, but it’s hard to feel like it’s really meaningful,” kind of gesture.

And certainly this is true when it comes to taking a cultural moment to honor women–which, in theory, as Christian people, we should be able to do easily.

What’s that? Honor and recognize those made in the image of God? Let’s do it!

Admittedly, these celebratory months are imported from our surrounding culture, and are not necessarily historically “Christian” in the way that celebrating Advent or Lent or the Resurrection are. But celebrating women ought to be easy to do, and not just once a year or once a month, but day in and day out in our lives and in the life of this church–specifically because of our historic, Christian faith.

In other words, as Christians, we have a better reason to honor women than any culture could ever give us.

Additionally, any attempt to honor the contributions, voices, and stories of women often falls short of acknowledging the many ways women have shaped and impacted our lives and society. But since I like a challenge, I will try nonetheless!

One of the great privileges I have is to lead, work with, and support many great female leaders at Mosaic Church. We have incredible pastors and deacons and communicators and leaders and preachers and teachers and ministry leads who help shape us into better Christ followers–day in and day out.

I hope every woman and girl who comes to Mosaic feels seen and valued in our community, that her gifts and talents are championed and valued, and that she is sharpened to become all God has in His heart for her not only in March but in every month of the year.

My prayer this Women’s Month is that the women of Mosaic would already hear the internal affirming voice of their Heavenly Father and the external affirming voices of the men and women in their lives, and that anything our culture does would just be a secondary or tertiary blessing to add to what has already been spoken.

Blessings to you,


P.S. Can’t wait to see you Sunday! Remember to “Spring Forward” Saturday night.

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