Mosaic’s Big Family

One of the things I get asked about regularly–and something I love to communicate about–is the larger, global, spiritual family that Mosaic Church is part of. That global family of churches is called Every Nation, and Every Nation’s vision and ministry have deeply impacted me and many others here at Mosaic.


What is Every Nation?

Begun with just three churches in 1994, and known originally as Morning Star Ministries, Every Nation has grown into a truly global community, with 458 churches around the world, 78 of which are in North America, with another almost 90 church plants in the works.


What does Every Nation do?

Again, Every Nation is a global family of churches committed to planting Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation and on every campus in the world.

With a focus on church planting, campus ministry and world missions, Every Nation especially helps us live out Acts 1:8: to be witnesses of Jesus not just locally, but globally as well.

Mosaic’s vision isn’t just to be an exclusively local church, nor are we here only to fund global initiatives, but we desire to live out those concentric circles of impact that Christ’s words call us to.


How does Mosaic participate?

Because there is a great big world with a whole lot of need, we are believing, by God’s grace, to continue to develop leaders, plant churches and start campus ministries–and as you know, our sending of Pastor Alvin Brown and his family to Fort Worth is just one way we live out this vision.

We also planted Pastor Shad Bell in East Austin in 2019 (not directly connected to Mosaic, but part of our Every Nation family overall), and have designs for future plants as well.

Every Nation’s vision is to have thriving campus ministries as well. Both Carrie (my wife) and I were reached by a campus missionary at the University of Houston, and I subsequently spent the next 13 years of my life as a campus missionary: one at UH, nine here at UT (where we planted a new work at Texas State which grew into The Springs Church), and three years as the national director of EN.

Our campus ministry at the University of Texas reflects our commitment to living out this vision.

You may also recall that we received an offering to help our EN churches in Ukraine with their relief efforts–this is one way we “feel” what is happening with our global church family.

Additionally, if you have done the Purple Book or been through Leadership 215, you know that EN also puts an emphasis on deep spiritual foundations and Christian education. In fact, it just launched its own fully accredited seminary this past year, after years of development (one of our campus missionaries, Peter Dusan, is enrolled).


How can you learn more?

Visit to get a feel for EN’s reach and upcoming events, including mission trips, existing church locations and church plants.

If you enjoy worship music, I would also recommend checking out some of Every Nation Music’s efforts on streaming services; I especially enjoyed their album “Seven Verse Nine”, a live recording from the 2019 World Conference. We occasionally do some of their songs here on Sundays.

In the end, EN is more about a global family living out a value system than it is about every church looking or feeling the same; if you travel or visit other EN churches, there will be a large degree of difference in externals: facilities, size, demographics–but at the core there is a burning passion to impact the world for Jesus with the message of his Gospel.

We are honored to be a part of something like that.


Community Groups

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