Mosaic Online Marriage Event: Save the Date

One of the things that I’m sure you’ve realized by now is the world is an extraordinarily tough place to live in in 2020.

And, especially, being married in the middle of an exhausted, discouraged, anxious world and news cycle brings its own set of challenges–and Carrie and I have found this to be true in our lives and marriage as well. It’s hard sometimes to find any good, when so much appears to be bad.

But! We all need encouragement, inspiration and affirmation, and maybe, especially, right now, we need it more than ever in our most important human relationship. And so, to that end, we have been working on a night of encouragement and inspiration for all married couples.

We’ll be bringing in Pastor Donnell and Marianne Jones from Grace Covenant Church in Washington, D.C. to speak and to minister to us online. Pastor Donnell and Marianne are good friends of mine and Carrie’s, and Donnell has been in many times over the years to strengthen our men and church. In addition to them, we’ll have some fun, hear some stories of marriages doing their best to overcome, and give away some date night-oriented prizes.

Our only real challenge, though, has been this: finding the right thing to call it:

“M.O.V.E. (Marriage Online Virtual Event)”?

No…sounds too much like an over-the-counter medicine of some sort.

“Growing Closer When You’ve Been Too Close For Months”?

No…too real.

“Marriage in a Pandemic: 10 Things I’m Tolerating Right Now About You”?

No…too harsh.

“How Not to Social Distance in Your Marriage”?

…Too corny.

How about…

“Take a Moment for Your Marriage”?

That feels better.

So, save the date and take a moment for your marriage! We’ll be gathering from 8:30-10 pm online on September 25.

More details and registration info to come! We would love to have you there.


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