Back to School 2020

One of the things that has defined Mosaic Church, over the years, has been a commitment to reaching and shaping the next generation. From its earliest days, even when the church used to meet in rented space off of Steck Avenue and Mopac, and then in the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Austin, it firmly put one foot on the college campus while it put another foot in the community. Now, years later, with thriving children’s and teen ministry added to what we continue to do on the college campus, we see made more clearly what God put in the hearts of so many people long ago: a calling and a commitment to see young people’s lives changed for the glory of God…which brings me to what is happening this Sunday!

This Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays of the year, and I can’t wait for you to see, hear and experience all that we have been working on to celebrate the next generation. While I’m sad we won’t be in person for this year’s Back to School Sunday, and while what you see and hear will be on your screen, I think we need what you are going to hear on Sunday more than ever.

Our teachers, educators, students, homeschooling parents and families need encouragement like never before! So I hope you’ll join us both online and “in spirit”, so to speak. You could even make a fun day out of it where you are, and wear your school colors, shirts and gear. Who knows if you’ll even see your school play this year? So go ahead and pull that stuff out, wear it proudly, and cheer for the next generation of world-changers along with me this week.

I think you’ll walk away inspired and encouraged as much or more as you have in a long time.

We’ll see you then, as we explore the truth of “If This, Then That”…that is, IF God, THEN Yes.

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