A Prayer For

If the Lord’s Prayer from the lips of Jesus tells us what to pray, the book of Psalms shows us how to pray.

Look at the Psalms: almost every imaginable moment of human existence is recorded in one or more of the 150 Psalms:

There’s a prayer for the morning, a prayer for the evening.

A prayer for the Temple, a prayer for the dinner table.

A prayer for children, a prayer for creation.

A prayer for the hurting, a prayer for the happy.

A prayer for marriage, a prayer for the meal.

A prayer for those who mock, a prayer for those who mourn.

A prayer for the broken, a prayer for the blessed.

A prayer for God’s law, a prayer for God’s love.

A prayer for mercy, a prayer for justice.

A prayer for God’s people, a prayer for God’s enemies.

A prayer for the neighborhood, a prayer for the nation.

A prayer for the city, a prayer for the self.

The Psalms are the language of lament; they are the poems of praise and they are, as we will see for 6 weeks, they are also the songs of surprise. They show us a surprising amount about ourselves, our family, our faith community, our neighborhoods, our city and our nation.

Let’s lean into these “prayers for” together!

Prayer Projects

Throughout the six weeks, our church body will complete three prayer projects associated with the six areas we’ll be praying for. Join us as we commit to live out the Psalms so that our lives bear witness to the power of prayer that can change the world!

Click the button below for details on the projects we’ll be completing and how to get involved!

Prayer Projects

Community Groups

Community groups are where we seek to live out the Gospel in relationship with others within a smaller community context.

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