Let’s Just Talk About It

If you’re single and you’re reading this right now, then it goes without saying that a worldwide pandemic probably isn’t doing much for your social life (married folks, stay with me). Kinda hard to “put yourself out there” with a face mask on or get to know someone from six feet away.

I want you to know that we see you and more importantly God sees you. You may be thinking, “I know that Barnabas, but it’s still hard and I’m not sure what to do.” If you do feel this way, it’s totally understandable and very common. So what now?!

I believe the first thing is to remember that all of our relationships begin with something simple, yet powerful: a conversation. Sure it may be triggered by a text or some DM on social media, but even that typically leads to a very formative moment where two people have a meaningful exchange. For me, these conversations have led to job opportunities, friendships that are decades in the making, and being on a lifelong journey with my wife, Yolanda.

Conversations have the power to help us stay connected, engage new people, and deepen our existing relationships. Even though COVID has stopped many things (social gatherings, hugging a friend at church, and the like), it doesn’t have to stop the dialogue. So I encourage all of us to reach out to an old friend to have a voice-to-voice conversation or invite someone you’d like to get to know to have a chat [while adhering to social distancing guidelines of course 😉] and see where it goes.

The point is to keep the conversations going. I’ll leave you with my Top Five Tips for Good Conversation:

  1. Let your thoughts and words please the Lord (Psalm 19:14)
  2. Encourage people you talk to and build them up (1 Thessalonians 5:11)
  3. Allow the counsel of trusted people in your life to be like sweet perfume or incense (Proverbs 27:9)
  4. Steer clear of foolish people; those conversations won’t be valuable (Proverbs 14:7)
    • Note: Be careful with this one (be sure to examine your heart as well as their actions before determining if someone is a fool).
  5. Embrace truth from a trusted friend even if it stings (Proverbs 27:6)


And lastly, I want to invite you to Mosaic Singles Real Talk, happening this Friday, July 10th at 7pm, where we will take our normal in-person experience online and discuss the topic of dating. This is important because even though dating isn’t a concept introduced in the bible, it is the primary vehicle through which our modern world transports two individuals from friendship to marriage. That being the case, it seems fitting to spend our time unpacking how to date in a way that honors God and loves people.

Hope you will join us for a time of connection and meaningful conversation.


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