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What is the purpose of the Church? It’s a question often asked in our modern, individualistic culture. “Organized religion” has gotten a bad wrap, and rightfully so in many cases where that question gets asked. But, what if “organized religion” and God’s purpose for the Church are not actually one-in-the-same? What if those organizations, or individuals, who simply prescribe the lists of do’s and don’ts and who claim to know who God is or isn’t pleased with, are actually misrepresenting the name and desire of Jesus when it comes to what He wants for His Bride, the Church?

At Mosaic, we believe the Church, and therefore Mosaic Church as a local representation, is meant to be the community in which we experience, and through which we express, who God is and what His Kingdom is all about. To use an illustration, we are meant to be the picture on the front of the puzzle box of life. When people see the Church, they know what life is supposed to look like and can begin to make sense of the broken pieces of their own lives in light of that picture. When that picture is clear it consists of living life to the glory of Jesus, in community with His people, and pursuing His mission of reconciling all things back to Himself.

This is why our mission at Mosaic is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the core values of worshipcommunity, and mission in a multiethnic and multigenerational context. This is where we believe God has called us to go as a church community, and it’s the direction we believe God is calling each of us as individual members of His Church to pursue as well.

The vehicle we have created at Mosaic to help carry you from where you are to where God is calling you to be is something we call Mosaic Communities. A Mosaic Community is a missionally-focused community of people who are pursuing the heart of God and the mission of God alongside one another as they build friendships together. Through this missional focus and relational intentionality, the goal is to build a Christ-centered, discipleship community that helps us each to be conformed to the image of Christ. We believe that the missional focus is the glue that holds and maintains the relational intentionality in place.

Previously, we provided the missional focus through our ministry teams and the relational intentionality through our community groups, but what the last couple of years has shown us,is that this approach inadvertently created a compartmentalized discipleship experience that prevented the people of Mosaic from achieving the kind of discipleship we would like for us to all to achieve. So, we added the missional focus of our ministry teams to our community groups, and we added the relational intentionality to our ministry teams, to create Mosaic Communities. And, we are incredibly excited about getting you connected into one of these communities.

If you are not already connected to a Mosaic Community, we invite you to check our Communities Directory. You can browse the communities based on the missional focus you best connect with, and then let the leader(s) know you’re interested by clicking the “join” button on that community’s page.

We’ll see you in community!

Community Groups

Community groups are where we seek to live out the Gospel in relationship with others within a smaller community context.

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