Christmas Eve at Mosaic

A few weeks ago, our family went to do something we had never attempted before: to cut down our very own Christmas tree.

We thought, why not? And so we drove out to some remote Christmas tree farm, walked around a multi-acre tree farm that looked straight out of the 1980s– except, of course, for the 2020 touch: strangers wearing masks and keeping their distance– in order to select the “perfect” tree.

Except, and you know this if you have ever cut down your own tree: there’s no such thing as the “perfect” tree. There’s always a spot where the branches sag down, where the needles aren’t as full, or where it kind of…you know, leans to one side.

Every other year, we have had a synthetic tree, for lots of reasons, but probably for one reason above all: it was “perfect”. You know how it’s going to look, it takes up the same space every time; it is, in other words, dependable.

But this year, we wanted a different kind of tree, and so we got one that is, you could say…imperfect. It’s unique, imperfect and unlike any other Christmas tree we have had.

You know, kind of like this year.

But every time we look at it–and we chose it for this reason–it reminds us of what matters- that even though this year has been different, we are together, that God has carried us through, and that above all, because of the Gospel, we have hope.

And in the same way, while Christmas Eve at Mosaic will be different this year, and while we won’t all be together in one place or have our candles out together in one place, we are able to do something together: we are able to watch together, sing together, and be encouraged together, even if it is different.

As always, we will have some amazing music, videos and Christmas elements, so here is what I’m asking you to do: gather whomever you have in your home, and celebrate Christmas Eve together with me, and with us, and with the body of Christ around the world.

And especially for those of you who may be with non-Christians, I’m asking you to have the forethought to arrange your time that day around watching together, this Thursday, at either 4, 6 or 8 pm, because of the strong and meaningful content and moments that will be shared. Even if we aren’t in the building–and you know this–every year more people are open to coming to/watching a Christmas Eve service than at any time of the year. All you have to do is to ask them to trust you with one hour of their time that could make a big difference.

In short, it’s going to be great…even if it is different!

Joy to the world, and to you,

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