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Church family, Did you know that once upon a time, Jesus vocalized a prayer request? Once upon a time, Jesus actually named a...

Hi there! You and I may not have had the opportunity to meet so let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Roberts. My wife, Alissa, and I have been members of Mosaic Church Austin since 2019. We spend much of our time exploring...

One the most challenging/inspiring/frustrating things that words of Jesus and the New Testament letters insist on is that, as Christians, we are supposed to...

Hi! My name is Julie Ann Paulson, and I have had the privilege of working at Mosaic Church for more than ten years. I don’t do a lot of stuff on the stage, but I get to do a lot behind the scenes, and as...

Church Family, I wanted to bring you up to speed on where Mosaic Church is in terms of "re-opening" and hosting live services on...

As I sit here in my home and reflect, I remember a year ago in May when I awoke to my house flooding. The master bedroom toilet overflowed and damaged a large portion of the house. I remember laughing out loud as I sat and...

Are you ready to walk out faith this Friday? Mosaic Deacon, Stephanie Khoury, shares with us how not to forget about God’s faithfulness when the storms of life seem to keep on coming. Tune in and be encouraged!...

If you’re single and you’re reading this right now, then it goes without saying that a worldwide pandemic probably isn’t doing much for your social life (married folks, stay with me). Kinda hard to...

Dearest Church Family, As we approach the anniversary of our nation's birth, the Fourth of July, we should pause to acknowledge we are...

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