This Week’s Guest Speaker

You may know that Carrie and I and our family are out for a few weeks, and that while we are gone, you will be hearing from some amazing people inside and outside of our church.

And, you may also know that each week, leading up to our gathering on Sunday, you will be hearing from or about, via email, the person that week who is preaching/teaching about why Mosaic matters to them.

This coming Sunday, you will be hearing from my good friend, Donnell Jones, who pastors Grace Covenant Church in Washington, D.C.– and so this week, I wanted to be the one who not only introduced him to you but communicated why Mosaic matters to me!

So…here goes!

Donnell and I have known each other for nearly 20 years, but have grown especially close over the last 5. He has done two men’s retreats for us and preached on a Sunday a couple of summers ago (you can go back and listen to his message on our app or on iTunes!).

In addition to pastoring his church, he is the character coach for the University of Maryland football and basketball teams, which is a pretty big deal. If you are a sports fan at all, you may know that UM went through some pretty traumatic times this past fall, with the death of a player and the fallout that resulted from that, and Donnell was in the middle of all that mess, ministering to players, coaches, and advising the University at the very highest levels. He is a man of incredible integrity and is well respected by his peers and church.

Our friendship is one reason, actually, why Mosaic matters to me, and here’s it is:

In addition to all of amazing people we all know here in our local context, we are also a part of a larger church family called Every Nation, which has churches and campus ministries all over the globe. As much as it is about its mission, Every Nation also functions very much like a kind of extended spiritual family, and helps people and churches like me and like us connect with people like Donnell.

So, Mosaic matters to me because it allows me to play a tangible and direct part in the global mission of God. As much as we are a local church focused on our own people and context, we also, through our involvement with Every Nation, get to fulfill what Jesus commanded in Acts 1:8: to carry his Gospel to the ends of the earth. In other words, being a part of Every Nation, and walking with people like Donnell, helps me (and us) to be more missionally faithful.

As a pastor and a Christian person, faithfulness to God’s Word and to the Christian Scriptures is a big deal for me (as I know it is for you), and this is one way God has given me to express that value.

So, I hope you will be here this weekend to experience God’s grace through one another and through the special gift that my friend, Donnell Jones, is.




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