Keeping Company

Psalm 14:5 “…for God is present in the company of the righteous”.

I was meditating on this verse recently, and it sparked a question in my mind:

What have been the most powerful moments in my Christian life?

I thought back to my earliest days in a church as a child, I thought about my earliest days of following Jesus in college, and I thought about all the moments since then, allowing the most powerful ones to bubble up to the surface. 

As they sort of flashed before me, I realized there have been a number of different moments that have profoundly shaped me and a number of different things I feel like God has spoken to me (as Christ-followers, we do believe this happens!), but as I began to reflect, it suddenly occurred to me: the vast majority of really life-changing events happened in the context of some kind of worship gathering of Christians. 

Yes, God has spoken to me (thankfully!) many times over the years, but the moments that have really shaped me, be it my conversion, the experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, being water baptized, being called into ministry, being miraculously healed, experiencing supernatural visions–all of these and more have been not in moments by myself, but in the context of “the company of the righteous”.

What am I trying to say? Is this just a plug for Sunday attendance or some kind of triple-reverse-spiritual-psychology kind of thing to get people to show up?

And the answer is….maybe.

What I mean is what I think this Scripture means

Which is, that the God of the Bible has always promised to show up where His people are. Of course, He loves me and you as individuals, and can meet with us powerfully in solitude (which, of course, we also need). But over and over, God is always saying in the Hebrew Scriptures, and then through Jesus, that He longs to be present with His people.

One of the greatest privileges of my life is to be at Mosaic with you, week in and week out, for years now, and I know many others would say the same. While being at a worship gathering is no substitute for really knowing God (many of us, including myself, went to church for years without really knowing God, after all!), I don’t know of many Christians who make a tremendous impact on the world around them without regular, even a borderline obsessive connection to “the company of the righteous.” After all, God has promised to be present among us!

So let’s come with expectation and faith that God is doing something in those around us and that He wants to allow the overflow of our corporate faith and praise to spill into our hearts as well.

This week is the final topic of our You Have a Part to Play campaign, where we will be looking at “Our Common Humanity.” I really do think it has the potential to be our most powerful topic yet and I’m looking forward to being there with you.

The following week, by the way– the last weekend in October– is our You Have a Part to Play Celebration/Recap (along with the Fall Fest that afternoon/evening). We’ll be taking a look that day at all the cool and really inspirational stuff that happened over the last two months on Sundays, during the week, and in our community groups. 

Much love to you and I’ll see you soon,


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