Discussion Guide: Practically Spiritual Week 5


Take the first 10 minutes of your time together to listen to what God is doing in one another’s lives and pray for any specific needs people in your group may have.

Today we continue our Practically Spiritual series. We will be taking a look at some concepts that may fall in the “spiritual”, and therefore impractical, category in many people’s minds and ask the question how can we make those concepts practical in our daily lives.

Discussion Questions

Do you, after going through Psalm 84, believe happiness is possible?

How easy or difficult is that for you to believe?

Is life more like a comedy or tragedy to you?

What has been a “Valley of Weeping” for you?

Have you ever seen your tears become a spring for you? If so, then how?

What is your deepest longing in life?

Have you ever practiced silence before God (Psalm 62:1)?  What was your experience like?

Do you feel you tend to over or under share about your life and what’s going on with you?

Based on what you know from the story of Korah (Numbers 16), what has been a “tent of wickedness” that you have struggled with in life?

Based on where you are right now, which of these three reasons for Christian happiness from Jonathan Edwards is most meaningful to you, and why?
Your bad things will turn out for good.
Your good things can never be taken away from you.
Your best things are yet to come.

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