Discussion Guide: Back To School Sunday

Community Groups Vision

If you have time and feel this would help the new people in your community group better understand what you are trying to accomplish as a group then take 2 minutes to show this video.

Today’s Discussion

This week we are looking at the generational nature of the Gospel. Inherant to the call of Jesus for us to make disciples is the presupposition that we are reaching, teaching and pouring into the youth of our culture. This past Sunday we heard from all our next generation ministries and the importance of teaching our young people the importance of “making some noise” in the midst of a culture that is always talking to them. What part to we have to play in this call, and how can we best accomplish it?

Discussion Questions

Honestly speaking…how do you feel about the current generation of teens and young adults?

Psalms 145:4

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”

Can you name any teens, or young adults, that God has used to impact the world over the course of human history?

Why do you think young people are so often involved in those kinds of moments and movements?

Leader Notes

God has often called and used young people to work his redemptive purposes in the world.

We see King David called and anointed by God around the age of 13. His son, Solomon, ascended to the throne at a young age as well. We see Jesus calling John, the disciple, to follow him at what many believe to the be the age of 17. And as history has progressed God has continued to use the younger generation to launch ministries and movements.

Billy Graham began preaching in his late teens. Hudson Taylor came to faith at the age of 17 and soon after God called him to China as a missionary. Taylor began the China Inland Mission, which was the organization C.T. Studd, and his friends (the Cambridge Seven) joined during their years at Cambridge University and spent the rest of their lives preaching the Gospel to the Chinese and contributed to over 18,000 conversions. John Wesley began his ministry, known as the “Holy Club,” during his years at Oxford as a college student.

On and on we could go. Young people have always been part of God’s plan in reconciling the world back to Himself.


According to a LifeWay survey of young adults, the following are the top 5 reasons young adults and youth do not attend worship services in a local church:

  1. I moved to college and stopped attending.
  2. Church members seemed judgmental and hypocritical.
  3. I did’n’t feel connected to the people in my church.
  4. I disagreed with the churches stance on political/social issues.
  5. My work/responibilities kept me from being able to attend.

Why do you think churches in America are seeing fewer and fewer teens and young adults involved in worship services today?

What do you think it will take to get this generation more engaged with Gospel-community?

What can we do to help make that happen?

Closing Thought

Let’s spend some time praying for our students and kids.
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