Deepen, Expand and GROW

As Mosaic looks ahead to its next ten years of ministry in Austin and the greater Austin area, one of things that I have learned (through folks smarter than I) that helps undergird a ministry, a church or a movement for the long haul is what can be loosely termed “adult education”. That is to say, building into a church or ministry a regular rhythm of Bible education and intentional spiritual development is one of the crucial pieces that will enable us to last.

Over the years, we have done quite a bit of one-on, one-off types of classes through various instructors leading a variety of classes. Everything from Bible survey classes to classes on Hebrew Narrative to Spiritual Gifts Development to workplace/faith relationships (and many others) we have offered, but now we are really working to consolidate our efforts and create multiple pathways for year-round adult education. Having Jaime Chapman come on staff with Mosaic as our Director of Adult Education is much of what is making all this possible!

(You may know that we began something called Leadership 215 (taken from 2 Timothy 2:15) about a year ago, and that core group of people who have undertaken a roughly 2 year journey is ongoing.)

Apart from that, we are happy to begin the rollout of more frequent adult education opportunities, all under the umbrella of our GROW arm. Over the next season of our church, there will likely be ongoing classes nearly every month, and I am happy to introduce two to you that are coming up quickly, and here are the details:

Naturally Supernatural

Naturally Supernatural is a 4-week class on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This class will be a deep dive into the Scriptures to explore God’s holistic mission to restore humanity (spirit, soul, body, community, and culture) and to equip each of us with gifts of power and love so we can partner with Him in His mission to restore His creation. The class is designed to impart in each of us a desire and expectation to experience the supernatural power of God as a normal part of daily Christian living and mission to the world. For those of you who missed last year’s 10-week “Spiritual Gifts Discovery” seminar, this class will catch you up on the basics and is a prerequisite for participation in our upcoming specialized trainings on healing, the prophetic, and spiritual warfare.

Date: March 4 – 25
Time: 10:45 am – 12:15 pm
Room: Conference Room B @ Mosaic Church office building on Jekel Circle (across the parking lot from Sanctuary)
Cost: Free
Teacher: Stephen Vigorito

Register here for Naturally Supernatural


Old Testament Survey

This class will take a chronological look at the books and events of the Old Testament. We will unfold the exciting story of the Israelites’ growth from one man into a nation and how Yahweh’s love shaped His people.

Date: March 18 – April 29 (break for Easter on April 1)
Time: 10:45 am – 12:15 pm
Room: Conference Room A @ Mosaic Church office building on Jekel Circle (across the parking lot from Sanctuary)
Cost: Free
Teacher: Jaime Chapman

Register here for Old Testament Survey


All right, that’s it! Let’s GROW!

I’ll see you this Sunday as we continue moving through the book of Genesis (you can read ahead through chapter 9 if you’d like!).




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