Christmas at Mosaic

Before I ask you to do one thing for me at the end of this, let me first give some shout-outs and thank yous to everyone at Mosaic, including you!

Thank you to all of our staff, who labor and give their best to make a difference and an impact for Jesus in our city. It is amazing getting to work with some of the greatest Christians I have ever met (And thanks for that little Christmas present! :))

Thank you to our deacons, who give and serve and set such an example for God’s people. You all would be a gift to any pastor.

Thank you to all of our weekend team members, who give of their time over and over to love everyone who comes through our doors on a Sunday. You all are so kind to so many. You deserve as much free hot chocolate and Chai tea as the Coffee Bar can whip up, anytime you need it.

Thank you to all of our community group leaders, who open up their lives and homes to love those in their communities and neighborhoods. You all know the joys of broken things, spilled cups of soda on the carpet, crumbs on the sofa and most of all, joy-filled, Christ-centered relationships.

Thank you to all of our ministry leaders who lead new things and areas that don’t always operate in neat and tidy areas of life. I wish everyone could know of your battle stories and glorious victories in hard places.

Thank you to every new member who has come here and made Mosaic home. We are far better with you here! 

Thank you to you, who have been here and believed with us to make the city a better place and make Jesus more known than He was. Being a part of a diverse community isn’t easy…but it’s never boring!

Again…thank you. You have made this year what it has been for Mosaic: another year of growth and full of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

So, in light of all of this, and the kind of community we are, now please allow me to ask one thing of you:

Please consider inviting someone to our upcoming Christmas Eve services, which will be on Christmas Eve (naturally) at 3, 4:30 and 6 pm. Every year we hear stories of God touching people’s hearts through the music, through the environment, through the message, through the diversity present in the room, and most of all, through the presence of God in this place, for which we pray fervently as a staff and in our weekly Friday morning prayer gatherings.

Your friends and neighbors are open to coming with you and will come, the majority of the time, if you will invite them to a service like this

You will be planting seeds of the grace and truth of Christ in their lives and hearts, and I promise you that they will thank you for it. Plus, there’s hot chocolate and cookies. On Christmas Eve. What’s not to love? 

So go ahead and think about who that person is: if they are your neighbor, go ahead and ask; if they are your family and they are going to be here at Christmas with you, go ahead and get them here; if they are your new friend from someplace, give Jesus a chance to do something amazing (oh, and be sure to be on time; we expect each of these services to be at capacity seating!). 

Thanks again for your love and faith and trust this year- you have sown generously; I pray you reap generously, as is promised.

Most of all, Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad! I’ll see you this Sunday and then again on Christmas Eve.


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