Top 10 Reasons You Should Totally Come to Mosaic’s May 11 Day at the Park

Top 10 Reasons You Should Totally Come to Mosaic’s May 11 Day at the Park

You’ve read the title; let’s get to the reasons why… you should totally come to Mosaic’s Day at the Park on May 11, next Saturday.

10.) You remember what 2020 was like: you would have given anything for a few hours with friends in a park filled with laughter, food, playing, and connection.

9.) If you’re on the slightly paler side, you love applying that sunscreen!

8.) You realize how important it is to be out in public with your church friends and family.

7.) Your kids sleep better when they burn off all. that. extra. energy…in the frisbee toss, splash pad, and more.

6.) Your dog might want to make a new friend. Or twenty.

5.) You’ve been waiting to wear that killer new t-shirt or pair of shorts for a while now!

4.) Gathering publicly with a multiethnic group of Christians, in love, is a great Gospel witness.

3.) You have friends over there who need to meet friends over here! So bring them!

2.) You may have forgotten how much fun it is to volunteer for an hour and make those kids smile. (You can register here for that 60-minute slot).

1.) This is the only church-wide event we do off-site (at least for this year), and it won’t be the same without you!
For real, it’s a super fun day (we are praying the always potential May rain away til later in the day)! It won’t be the same without you, your friends and your family.

So put it down on your calendar: Lakewood Park in Leander, May 11, from 10 am to 2 pm. For more info, check out our app. And, while lunch is provided, we are asking for folks with last name A-R to bring a family-sized side item, and folks with last name S-Z to bring a family-sized dessert.
We’ll see you there…for one reason or another. 😉


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