Three Rs for Marriage


It’s quite a word.

It’s a word that inspires dreams.

It’s also a word that can crush hearts, gets laughed at, and more than ever is sometimes even ignored.

What do we do with it? Three “Rs”:

  1. Remember: for the Christian person, we must remember that marriage is something that reflects the heart of God in the Gospel: exclusive commitment to another on the basis of self-giving love.
  2. Recognize: that for all humans, while this kind of a commitment can absolutely be joyous and thrive, it’s still challenging for the best of us. Therefore, we ought to:
  3. Relearn: Relearn the not-so-secret “secrets” of what makes marriage great, and maybe even unlearn some bad habits.

Thankfully, to our rescue comes both the Word of God and a whole bunch of great research we can use and apply to our unique situations if we are married.

And to that end, let me add one more “R”: allow me to re-invite you to our upcoming Marriage Event, February 24-25 (we invited everyone for the first time this past Sunday, ICYMI).

It’s called “Back in the Lab” (in 2020 we did an event called “The Love Lab”, on which we are building and expanding this year).

Carrie and I will be talking about the 7 Secrets to Making Love Last, and we can’t wait! Helping people build thriving marriages is a passion of ours, and we want to help strengthen yours if you are married.

We’ll have some great main sessions, super practical breakouts where you can put into practice what you’re learning and build great habits to help you right now–and the opportunity to make some great friendships that can also help sustain you.

The cost is only $100 per couple and includes 3 meals plus all materials and a bunch of giveaways. Childcare is available through Mosaic for an additional low cost.

I do want to let you know: this event will sell out, and since we announced it on Sunday, it is already more than halfway full, and we inevitably end up creating a waiting list.

So don’t wait, live out a final, bonus “R” and register today.

Blessings to you,


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