This is the Moment, Men!

The steam emanating from our heads looked like a thick fog in the cold air.

Sweat and blood dripped from our faces as we fought fatigue.

The look of pain and exhaustion was unanimous.

We had been out there since 5:00 am– running, jumping, grunting–and yet there wasn’t a young man present who wanted to be anywhere else at that particular moment in time.

Why? Because we were all in it together.

Winter workouts as a member of the UGA football team were some of the most grueling moments of my college career. Every morning I would wake up with the regret of not having gone to bed earlier and the fear of what I was about to endure. But, by 6:00 am, I was filled with energy, excitement, and the joy of knowing that I was part of a group of young men who was willing to do hard things together. Yes, those workouts helped us get in better shape physically, but I think the real reason Coach Fears (yes, that was the actual name of our strength coach) had us doing such crazy drills in 28 degrees at 5:00 am was less about the physical health it produced, and more about the relational health that resulted.

There is a bond that is formed when we are part of a group that is committed to pursuing a mission together. I think God has wired us this way because it is how He is wired within His Triune nature. As humans, and particularly as men, we long to be part of something bigger than ourselves that serves a purpose way beyond our own needs and desires. We are made for this.

So, I want to invite the men of Mosaic to step into being a part of something together. Starting on Wednesday, March 8th we will be doing a monthly men’s gathering that will provide us the opportunity to step into the mission of God alongside one another. As men, we are not meant to walk this journey of discipleship alone, and our goal is to help every man at Mosaic find brothers they can walk with through the good and bad, the ups and downs. I know sometimes taking that step of connection and vulnerability can be difficult, but we are going to take that step together. We are going to risk together, laugh together, mourn together, celebrate together, and chase after Jesus together. I firmly believe if God has called you to Mosaic it is because there are men here who need what you have, and who can provide what you need, as God calls us to sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron.

Here’s how our simple night together will look:

We will have food from 6-6:30 pm. Then we will dive into our content and have some activities and group discussions. Our hope is not only to help you connect with Jesus and other men in that moment, but to also help you take the step to connecting with one of our men’s discipleship groups.

In other words, we will start big in order to get small.

We will be working through the book Heavenly Discipleship, which is one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read in regards to what it looks like to follow Jesus. You can let us know you’re coming by registering here.

So, I’m inviting you, men of Mosaic, to take this step with me, together. There may not be the cold, sweat, or blood involved, but I believe the experience of brotherhood will leave you thinking, “There’s no place I’d rather be than right here, right now.”

– Brett

P.S. Ladies, of course we’ll be announcing a women’s event
… stay tuned to what’s to come in April!

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