Question + Request + Action

It all began with a simple question, a humble request, and a single phone call.

The question, from pastors to school district superintendents: What can churches do to make a difference in public schools?

The request, from superintendents to churches: Provide mentors for students who could use one. We need you to, and they need you to.

The phone call, made from Mosaic to Live Oak Elementary: Can we serve your school and provide mentors?

More than a decade after that first phone call, countless teacher gifts have been given, breakfasts have been served, a number of thank yous from RRISD have been awarded, and a whole bunch of students’ lives have been impacted.

Mentoring, a thirty-minute-a-week conversation, can change the whole trajectory of a student’s life…and that is a fact. We have seen it firsthand.

So, if you’re up for investing yourself in the life of a kid who needs it, and at the same time doing something tangible and meaningful for the name of Jesus and on behalf of your church…please consider!

We are thrilled to have gone from being able to provide mentors for only Live Oak Elementary, then to Deerpark Middle School, and now also to Williams Elementary and Casey Elementary in South Austin.

We have an upcoming and mandatory one-hour informational this Sunday for all prospective mentors, and are excited to be able to offer training for all mentors from the Round Rock and Austin school districts. So sign up, check it out, and get going to join something that makes an impact in the city!


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