Power-Up: A Courageous Answer

“You see, the best thing about this Story is – it’s true.”

– The Jesus Storybook Bible

I have always loved the beauty of a captivating tale. In fact, “Tell me a story” may well have been one of my first childhood sentences, or at the very least, one of my most frequently used. There’s just something so appealing about the chance to lose yourself in the plot, find yourself in a character, and reimagine yourself in light of a grand adventure. The Bible has some truly incredible stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they encounter the person of Jesus.

The next Mosaic Church Summer KIDCON is set for May 31 to June 2, and we can hardly wait to share some of the courageous stories in God’s Word with our elementary-age kids during this powerful conference-style experience. We’re picking up where we left off last winter with our summer theme, KIDCON Power-Up: A Courageous Answer, and moving from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Our upcoming stories focus on proclaiming the gospel, loving generously, and praying for our enemies to help our kids understand that following Jesus empowers us to live out our own courageous stories, all because HIS courage literally saved the world.

KINDER  CON will be returning as well! This Saturday-only event open to 5-year-olds and kindergarteners features many of the same themes and activities as KIDCON, but in an environment that better meets the developmental needs of our littlest learners.

But the fun is not just for the kids! This event is specifically called Mosaic Church KIDCON because our heart is to see the WHOLE of Mosaic Church…people of every age and stage-of-life…rallying around our kids to support their spiritual growth and development. KIDCON simply cannot exist without the truly incredible team of volunteers who come alongside us to make this event a reality. And for the little ones who aren’t old enough yet to participate in KIDCON? We have volunteer childcare available!

For everyone, you can expect:

  • Engaging worship

  • Age-appropriate breakout sessions

  • Games & creative activities

  • Plenty of food

  • Parent breakout on Saturday morning

  • Family after-party on Saturday afternoon

KIDCON concludes on Sunday morning in our regular mKids classrooms (both North and South) with a special KIDCON-message, inviting kids to step out courageously into everything God has for them.

We invite you to come and see ALL that God is doing in and through the hearts of the next generation. Take a courageous step today and invite a family member, friend, or neighbor. Then, head to www.mosaicKIDCON.com to register EVERYBODY!

Come and see what our God will do!

Lauren Duncan
Director of KIDCON, Preschool and Childcare Coordinator

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