On Marriage and Singleness

One of the most important things we can talk about is your marriage…if you are married.

And one of the most important things we can talk about is your singleness…if you are single.

Both are ways to honor God and demonstrate to the world the same principle: what feels impossible at times is possible. Faithful marriage is possible, and faithful singleness is possible.

Our culture–plus the inward curve of the human heart–pushes all of us towards self-absorption and justification, but our response to the Gospel when it comes to marriage and singleness ought to be one of fidelity and self-giving.

These are ideals that have always, and can always, change the world, and they are ideals that uphold our vision of both marriage and singleness at Mosaic.

Married people need to see singles living out their holy calling; and singles need to see marrieds living out their covenant vows. Both encourage the other to remain strong and vibrant as a Christian witness in their unique state of being.

And, when a Christian community holds up both singleness and marriage as equally great pathways to honor God and live out our humanity, we also make space for those struggling with questions around identity and sexuality to see a place where marriage isn’t defied or made, inadvertently, into an idol–and therefore to see a righteous and healthy pathway forward for themselves as well.

To put a fine point on it, cultivating healthy marriages and developing a robust singles community is a major apologetic for the truth of the Christian Scriptures in a post-Christian world.

The purpose of this email, then, is to encourage our singles to consider leaning into attending our upcoming event for any and all singles at Mosaic, at Topgolf on July 27, and to do the work necessary to build the kind of community we all want to be a part of. What’s easy is to walk into something pre-made and effortless; what’s more challenging (and rewarding) is to continually plunge one’s time and resources into ensuring that what matters most, lasts the longest.

So come on down for a couple hours on a Saturday in summer and connect with like-minded people from a church that loves you and celebrates you.

For only $50, you get a ton of food and time connecting at a really fun place, for far less than this would cost you on your own. If you’ve never been to Topgolf…you can be the world’s worst mini-golfer and still have a blast and even win some games. It’s that easy and low pressure.

You can register here:

Thanks for being on the journey together.


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