February Lessons for mKids!

mKIDS LESSONS ARE BOTH IN PERSON & ONLINE! In this blog, learn more about our upcoming in-person lessons, online lessons, and worship songs!

Below is your overview of our upcoming Sunday lessons for all age/grade groups at Mosaic Church Austin campuses.

If you would like to stay in step with the in-person curriculum, we invite you to watch both the lessons and worship using the links below.


Our preschool units this month are, “GOD’S WONDERFUL GIFT” & “ABRAHAM’S BIG TEST”!

In the lesson “God’s Wonderful Gift,” preschoolers will learn about the Holy Spirit, the gift that Jesus gave to the disciples (and us) after His resurrection.

GOD’S WONDERFUL GIFT (February 5th & 12th)

Faith is choosing to trust, believe, and live God’s way, even when we can’t see Him or understand what’s going on around us. In “Abraham’s Big Test”, preschoolers will learn that our faith seed grows when we remember the great things God has done before, and wait patiently to see His promises to us come true.

ABRAHAM’S BIG TEST (February 19th & 26th)


Our upcoming lessons are “HEAVEN” and “SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES”.

Miracles, “heaven”, angels, and the war between good and evil are all part of a supernatural, spiritual world that’s all around us.

It’s way too mind-blowing for even adults to understand! In this one-week lesson, kids will learn to trust God because He is infinitely bigger, greater, and more wonderful than we can even imagine. He made this entire universe, both physical and spiritual, and He’s in control.

HEAVEN  (February 5th)

Once we choose to follow Jesus, “spiritual disciplines” help our spirits to grow in wisdom, maturity, and bring us closer to God. When we spend time getting to know God, remove distractions so we don’t miss out on what He has for us, and spend time reading and meditation on the Bible and in prayer to God, we are exercising our spiritual muscles, growing into the person God created us to be, and preparing ourselves to be able to minister to and teach others.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES | Week 1 (February 12th)

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES | Week 2 (February 19th)

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES | Week 3 (February 26th)


Our upcoming lessons are, “GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT” & “GIVE ME WISDOM”.

How do you think your students would respond to these three questions: Have you ever wanted to make better choices? Do you have a hard time being still? Do you ever wish you spent more time with God? Probably with a resounding yes, yes, and yes. Your students will find this three-week series, “Give It All You’ve Got“, a source of encouragement to help them develop some healthy spiritual disciplines like learning to unplug from the world to connect with God and maintaining a joyful devotion to God through prayer.

GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT | Week 1 (February 5th)

GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT | Week 2 (February 12th)

GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT | Week 3 (February 19th)


Is wisdom something that can only be achieved through age, or is wisdom something our generous God will give to you? Your students are about to grow leaps and bounds in wisdom through this encouraging and equipping three-week series, “Give Me Wisdom“! They’ll learn from James 1:5 that we can always ask God for wisdom. Ultimately, they’ll learn how to live out God’s wisdom and learn from their mistakes.

GIVE ME WISDOM | Week 1 (February 26th)

GIVE ME WISDOM | Week 2 (March 5th)

GIVE ME WISDOM | Week 3 (March 12th)

mKids AT HOME WITH JUST ONE CLICK! Revisit past online lessons on our mKids Austin YouTube Channel. We have hundreds of lessons for you to choose from for your Sunday at home. If you would like to stay in step with the in-person curriculum, we invite you to watch the lesson links above! 

Click here for mKids on YouTube!

mKids WORSHIP IS ONLINE! You can find some of our mKids worship songs on our YouTube Channel. Whether you are looking to add it for your Sundays at home, or during the week for a praise break. These videos have motions included to lead your kids to move their bodies while they worship! 

Click here for our worship playlist!

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