Such a Time as This

Why Esther?

Well, if a story all about a beautiful orphan girl who grows up to be queen of an Empire doesn’t get your attention, if a story all about a minority people group facing potential genocide and extinction, but who are rescued at the last moment doesn’t get your attention, if a story all about a religious people group struggling to reconcile their faith with a culture trying to assimilate them doesn’t get your attention, if a story about a dominant female character who risks her life to secure social justice doesn’t get your attention, and if a story all about how to find and follow the God of the Bible when everything is going against you doesn’t get your attention, then… the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures are all out of stories for you!

But because it was the last book to be included in the Old Testament canon, it asks, in a way, to be seen as “God’s last selfie” of those books.

In other words, if you were to ask, who is the God of the Bible, what is the God of the Bible like, you could, you should, go right to Esther.

All that to say, we think the book of Esther is infinitely relevant for…For Such a Time as This.

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