Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live is a city-wide movement that hundreds of churches in the Austin area have joined together to accomplish for the purpose of restoring a sense of community in our neighborhoods and re-engaging our neighbors in what it means to serve one another. Jesus told us that the two great things we can spend our lives doing are loving God and…loving our neighbor as ourself. This movement is assuming Jesus actually meant the people who live right next door to us, in addition to the world, when He made that statement. Join Mosaic Church, and hundreds of other churches, by joining one of our community groups in the month of June as we explore how we can obey Jesus’ words and Love…Where You Live.

What are we doing for Love Where You Live?

  1. Community Group Gatherings: During our community group gatherings we will be watching a short Love Where You Live Video and then having a group discussion on how to live out the topic that is being discussed.
  2. Engaging Your Neighbors: Our goal is to encourage one another to get to know our neighbors. And, by get to know, we’re not just saying to learn their name, though that’s a good place to start, we’re talking about learning their stories, their interests and their needs. As you get to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, pay attention, because the community group you are a part of is going to be looking for a possible service project to execute at the end of the month.
  3. Service Project: As the community group you are a part of decides on which neighbor the group can best serve in a big way, then your group will gather the resources and the people to execute that project. It could be landscaping a neighbor’s yard, home repairs, a baby shower, etc. Who knows what opportunities might present themselves as we seek to love our neighbors in a practical way.

Community Groups

Community groups are where we seek to live out the Gospel in relationship with others within a smaller community context.

If you are interested in joining one of Mosaic’s Community Groups and would like to be contacted by a group leader to learn more, please complete this card.

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