Let’s Go!

…to the nations, that is.

Remember a few years ago when international travel was almost impossible?

Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore, and if you have been itching to see the world and make a difference at the same time, now is your chance:

  1. The Every Nation World Conference is happening this fall in Cape Town, South Africa. Come worship with countless languages and cultures from across the globe, and hear about what God is doing through our spiritual family in this once-every-three-year event.

    Being in an environment like this is a life-changing moment! Plus…Cape Town is an almost indescribably beautiful place, and South Africans are wonderful people. Carrie and I and others from Mosaic will be there this October 5-7.

    Registration is open, and you can find out more here.

  2. Mosaic is taking two short-term missions teams in 2023, one to the Dominican Republic in July and the other to Rwanda in November.

    We do these trips in a way that fully supports and honors the work of the local Christian church, community and economy. Our relationships there set the agenda; we labor to make what they are doing even better.

    The deadline to indicate your interest is March 5, as flights and accommodations have to be arranged, and we have an interest meeting that day. Please don’t let money be an object for these trips! We have trainings leading up to the trip to help you get there and flourish once you’re there.

    While we do work hard in those places, we also take time to build relationships among our teams and have a little fun while we are there.

So, if traveling internationally and serving people in a foreign context is something you are open to and thinking about, just say yes! If not now, when?

Let’s be a people who honor Matthew 28:18, and go into all the world!


Every Nation World Conference Registration
Mission Trip Informational Registration

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