You Have a Part to Play

First, I want to thank everyone who helped make our Back to School Sunday so much fun and so encouraging. One of the things I love the most about following Jesus is that I get to be a part of a people (that’s us!) who have deeply held common values (such as reaching and celebrating the next generation).

Second, I am excited to announce something that is brand new for most of us (but something a handful of you may be familiar with), which is our You Have a Part to Play fall, church-wide campaign.

Let’s do some quick FAQs…shall we?

What is You Have a Part to Play?

It’s an 8 week campaign unique to Mosaic Church.

Cool. What’s it all about?

It’s all about the idea that God has created each of us to be some kind of difference maker in the world.

I like that. What will we be talking about?

Well, this week is the big launch week, where you’ll hear all about that big idea. And then, for the next 6 weeks, we will be looking at some challenging topics: Fame Culture, Homelessness, Creation Care, Politics, Modern Day Slavery and Our Common Humanity.

Those sound pretty interesting. Will any of those make me or my friends mad?


Why would you do that?

Listen, stuff is wrong with the world. We think we can contribute to making it better, and that Jesus gives us a way to do that.

Gotcha. But you said 8 weeks, and you’ve only talked about 7. What happens the 8th week?

The 8th week is our big celebration/recap week.

Ummm…what will we be celebrating?

All the great stories that have taken place in our community groups! We are asking everyone to get in a group, participate in that group, and help create a unique response to one of those six issues. Who knows what amazing thing might happen? And we will cap it all off with our annual Fall Festival that final Sunday, October 27.

That sounds really cool. Anything else I should know?

Yes. You should know that New York Times Bestselling author Stephen Mansfield will be here to speak the week we talk about politics, you should know that every Sunday we will be doing something extra creative or out of the ordinary in our Sunday gatherings, you should know that our kids and youth will be tracking along through these topics (with some adjustments in mKids) and that you can “feel” out the vibe of this a lot more through the video in this email. We showed it last Sunday but ICYMI, you can see it again, or share it, or whatever!

Thanks! I can’t wait to go through all this.

Me too, fictional Austinite/Mosaic Church Member/brand new guest/amazing person, me too.

Of course I kid a bit. But everything you just read is true, and this week it all begins!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Who knows what amazing things God will do among us this fall?

Believing with you,


P.S. – Some clarification to our last email regarding the close of Leadership 215 registration. Due to our typo on the first line of the email sent a few days ago, we will be extending the deadline of the registration to Monday, September 9th. Head to our website for info and to sign asap.

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