What’s Happening on The Journey

What a great Sunday we had together this week. The launch of our New Mosaic Church app, the announcement of our Live Big offering results, and just a fantastic time of worshipping Jesus together. However, as you know, Mosaic is so much more than just a Sunday morning experience. We are first and foremost a community formed by the Gospel for the Gospel.

The way we seek to live out that truth is through our community groups, and because we have so many new people who are just getting familiar with Mosaic Church we are doing something over the next 7 weeks to help people connect. Here’s what we’re doing, and how you can get involved.

1. Connect to a Community Group. Starting the week of September 17, our community groups will be getting together for 5 consecutive weeks in conjunction with our current sermon series The Journey. This is intended to help you connect with people in your part of town.

You can see what groups are in your area by visiting our Community Group Directory.

2. Stay for Our Community Lunch. This coming Sunday, September 17, we will be hosting a community lunch immediately following our third service. Take some time this Sunday to grab a plate, grab a seat, and get to know some of our community group leaders and the people in their community groups. We really do have some amazing people at Mosaic, so we invite you to take this easy next step in getting to know who they are.

3. Come Play at our Fall Festival. On October 29, we are having our Fall Festival—with games like Human Foosball, a 40-foot bowling ally, bouncy houses, live music and more. Our Fall Festival is one way we look to celebrate and rejoice together in all that God is doing in and through Mosaic.

4. Dive Into A Devotional. Over the next 8 weeks we are sending out, via the Mosaic Church App, daily devotionals written by some of the community group leaders, deacons, pastors, and members of Mosaic. Not only will this inspire and encourage you in your reading of Scripture, but it’s also a great way to get to know some of the stories and passions of the great folks who call Mosaic Church home. You have to have the app, however, so if you have not downloaded it yet you can do so by clicking here for the App Store (iPhone users) or clicking here for the Google Play Store (Android users).

5. Serve a Community Group as a Babysitter. As you’ve probably noticed, the people of Mosaic like to have lots of children. When community groups gather the kids gather with them. As such, we are always looking for people who are up for babysitting. It is a paid gig, but to qualify as a babysitter you’ll need to fill out this form. We will run a background check and if all checks out then we will let our community group leaders know that you are available to help keep an eye on their little ones.

There’s a lot going on at Mosaic in the upcoming months. I am looking forward to having you be a part of all that God is doing.