What’s After ATX

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

As a church, we would like to invite you to our very last service of 2019 where we will be looking at the answers to these questions, and give you, as a result, a “one-day sneak peak” as of a powerful and compelling series that will be starting Easter of 2020 called “What’s After ATX”, which we will be doing with churches all over the Greater Austin Area.

Follow me for a minute…

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? If you are anything like me, then this has been a recurring thought since childhood. I would often dream about heaven, life with the angels, and streets paved with gold. However, my mind didn’t go far past floating on clouds and pearly gates, based on my childhood impression of the life to come.

Now, as an adult, I tend to wonder what Heaven actually looks like. What is waiting for us after we pass from this life to the next? What does the Bible say to us about the world that is to come?

“What’s After ATX”  will take a look at what the Bible says about life after death while also seeing what science has to say in the matter. Much research has been done over the past 50 years around the subject of Near Death Experiences (NDEs). These NDEs have been experienced by people all over the globe, from different backgrounds of all religious experiences. With advances in medical science, more and more people are being resuscitated after being pronounced dead, and many of these report having an NDE.

John Burke, pastor of Gateway Church, has written a New York Times-Bestselling Book called Imagine Heaven (sort of a nod to the old John Lennon song), where he collates all this research and interviews NDErs himself.

What do they say?

The overwhelming and consistent report of people who have NDEs, across all cultures and faiths, is that they report meeting a man of love and light, with a beard and a robe…a  person that we, as Christians, know very well. They also report being given a “life review” by this man of love and light, and many report meeting family members and coming back with information about them that was previously unknown to them, but confirmed by people back on “this side”.

Sound intriguing? It should be. And there’s lots more.

We welcome you to bring your friends and family and join us as we begin to “Imagine Heaven” and fix our eyes on the one who brings us hope for what comes next after we pass from this life to the next.




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