Week of Prayer and Fasting

Hi everyone! You may know that this week (Monday through Friday) is a week we take every year for prayer and fasting and for seeking the face of God.

We do this alongside of tens of thousands of other Christians, across the body of Christ but most closely with our Every Nation global spiritual family.

I know that five days feels like a long time to fast from anything (especially food), but let me encourage you, if you haven’t already, to join us for at least one day and if you have been along for the ride, please don’t quit! Hang in there and finish strong! 

One of the best ways I have found over the years to maintain my strength during times of fasting is simply through corporate prayer. Praying with fellow Christ-followers is a joy and becomes especially meaningful and life-giving during these times.

In case you missed it, today (Thursday) we will be having prayer at noon and at 7 pm, in the Student Center, which is across Jekel Circle from our main building. And tomorrow, Friday, we will be gathering at three points during the day – at 7 am, at noon, and then we will bring the whole week to a close with a celebratory meeting Friday night at 7 pm, filled with music, singing and prayer in our main building. Our music team has put a ton of effort into the evening, and every year this is a powerful time of being in God’s presence, humbling ourselves before Him and declaring our need for Him.

Fasting and prayer, along with giving, are spiritual disciplines which Jesus Himself, in the Sermon on the Mount, exhorts us to do as both a way of demonstrating trust in our Heavenly Father, and as a way of somehow, some way, receiving some kind of reward from God.

So, as my friend Pastor Barnabas would say, come to one of these meetings “and get your blessing!”

I can’t wait to see you there (child care is available Friday night if you register. It is not available at those other meetings but children are welcome), and on Sunday morning as we begin a look, for the rest of the month, at God’s “Amazing Grace”.



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