Way to go, Mosaic Church!

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your generosity in our Live Big Offering we received for Casa Marianella, a local nonprofit that works to fast track refugees who arrive here in Austin, into life in our city.

If you didn’t hear (and with a small bit of last minute giving), while our goal was simply $40,000, our actual total for Live Big was $64,001, which is incredible!

That brings our total over the last six years to more than $250,000, with half of that number coming in the last two years. 

I honestly couldn’t be more proud of us and of you and my heart could not be fuller. To think that we are a church capable of that much generosity towards strangers in our city is beyond amazing.

At the bottom of this email you’ll find a link to a video, and if you missed it, it requires just a bit of context. Every year when we go to drop off the check, all the people know who are receiving it is that we are coming to “drop off a gift” and that we are bringing someone to film.

If you didn’t know, most folks who work in nonprofits are incredibly busy with their mission, they run on donations, and while they are always glad to receive anything, we are accustomed to being seen as a mild inconvenience! Of course, whatever they think of us coming in is soon changed by the amount of check they open, and then we usually find ourselves being taken on a tour and being introduced to everyone in the office. It’s all good, it’s lots of fun, and you can see that kind of heartwarming interaction with the great folks at Casa Marianella. They are doing a great service for our city and we were glad to surprise them this year.

All that to say, generosity speaks. It speaks of God’s love, of our love for our city and for people who are in need.

So, again, THANK YOU.

Way to go, people of Mosaic Church Austin.

Click here to see the video of the check delivery!

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