Top Ten Reasons We Reach the Campus

You may have heard that around a year ago, Mosaic Church formally re-joined with Every Nation Churches and Ministries, and that part of the core culture of Every Nation is a care and concern for college students (along with planting socially responsible churches and doing world missions).

You may have heard that Mosaic Church is hosting the ENC Regional Student Conference this weekend—and that’s true (and by the way, there will be likely at least 100 plus students coming to the first service, which means it’s going to be awesome with all that energy, and if you are at the 9 am service, you should definitely not be late if you want to have a seat).

You may have heard that we have local campus chapters at UT Austin, Huston-Tillotson, St. Edward’s University, and (almost at!) Concordia.

What you may not know is why we love college students so much, and appreciate campus ministers and missionaries so much.

So, let me give you, briefly, the “Top Ten Reasons We Reach the Campus”:

10. Historically speaking, major movements, good and bad, have begun on the college campus (see: Marxism, atheism, Methodism and the Student Volunteer Movement, to name a few).

9. The available, trainable masses are found on the college campus.
Many are there asking, what do I do with my life? Jesus has an answer.

8. 75% of those who become Christians do so before age 25.
Enough said.

7. The values on campus will be the values of society within ten years.

6. Reaching international students fuels world missions.

5. The future leaders of society pass through the campus.

4. If you touch a student, you reach the whole family.

3. To ignore students is to surrender the future to the Enemy.

2. Students bring vision, dedication and energy to the church.

1. God has promised to pour out His Spirit on His sons and daughters.

If this sounds like a kind of a strategy—you’re right. I became a Christian on a college campus, my wife, Carrie, did the same, as have hundreds of others in our church—through campus ministry.

This church always has and always will be a part of what God is doing (thankfully, along with many other wonderful groups, churches, and ministries) on college campuses.

At Mosaic, we certainly do more; but we don’t do less than this, either. The truth is, we love college students and believe both in their potential and their need to be shaped by the truth and grace of the Gospel of Jesus, and not just by secular and self-oriented values.

Reaching college students is not a “money maker” for a church; it is only a kind of expense, if you look at the bottom line only. But I’m glad someone wasn’t just looking out for their bottom line when they gave to a campus missionary to go on campus and preach to me! While managing our finances responsibly is a way we demonstrate to the world we live by a different value system, only asking, “What’s in it for me?” or, “What’s in it for the church?” is the wrong starting point.

We ask, “What has God called us to do?” and “What is God doing in the world?” and get going in that direction, sacrificing and praying and trusting along the way. I would hope that no matter how old or young you are, this value burns deeply within you, even if you didn’t or won’t go to college.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds, but they are especially concentrated at universities, many times while they are being taught there is no God and all truth is relative.

We are, along with you, glad to be there and to serve students from around Texas that are involved with Every Nation Campus.

Please be praying for an outpouring of God’s spirit to heal lives and hearts and bodies this weekend!

I’ll see you Sunday with what I believe will be a great report and what I hope will be a dynamic overflow of God’s power into our time together. I have seen that many times on the Sunday morning after a conference, as tired as our worship team can be, that what they have been experiencing all weekend pours out into the people as we gather to worship our King.