The Story of the Bible

Hi everyone!

If you were here last weekend, you heard a snippet of where we are going next at Mosaic, but whether you were or weren’t, here’s what we are doing next and why:

We are beginning a brand new series to look at the Bible in a brand new way (at least for some of us).

Many of us know, or grew up hearing, Bible stories, but many of us may not know the Story of The Bible; that is, where it came from and what the big picture really is.

So, for the next few weeks, leading up to Easter (aside from a detour here or there), we will be moving through the Bible, weaving in the story of how it came to be, along with taking a look at the larger “meta-narrative”.

Thankfully, over the past few decades, there has been a recapturing of the Bible as story, and not just facts and law and logic (although those are all in there, too). The point being, we need what’s called “systematic theology” and “narrative theology” as well. To illustrate that thought, consider that Jesus’ resurrection is both a fact and a story, both at the same time.

We will be taking a look at the Bible in “chunks”, all with a “C” word:


I hope this sounds intriguing to you, and with all of this, I hope to regain some ground with respect to your mind (what you think about the Bible), your imagination (how you picture it), and your heart (how you feel about God’s story and your part in it).

I think this will also be a tremendous series to invite your friends and co-workers to, and to expose your teenager to, if you have teens. If they are a part of Elevate or mYouth (and I hope they are), the podcast after the fact, along with a discussion with you as a parent will, I think, prove fruitful and be a help to them and you.

While the Bible remains forever as authoritative in a Christian’s life, the reality is we cannot, in our cultural moment, merely point to it and say “that settles it” when in conversation with a non-Christian. While that may, and in a way, should “settle it” for the Jesus follower, for our curious neighbors and friends, they need just a little bit more, and I hope to provide that in the weeks to come.

I look forward to experiencing, in a fresh way, God’s story, as we walk together in ours.

Much love,


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