Mosaic Men

Hi All!

I’m talking to the Men of Mosaic in this one, and the people who love them!

Men, you may have missed it, but we have a fun, “kick off the summer” event for you coming up next week, on Friday, June 7!

Can you picture it? The sight of some of the best people you know, connecting and encouraging one another?

Can you smell it? The smell of glorious, Holy Ghost smoke rising across the parking lot from the BBQ pit as we cook out?

Can you see it? The games, the basketball, the trash talk, the good times, the laughter as men connect?

This is going to be way better than another night watching TV; this is going to be far more powerful than holding a remote control; this is going to me far more meaningful than organizing your closet or washing your car (again) (besides, every time you do it only rains anyway).

On the same night that our women are gathering in homes across the city for our “Around the Table” event, our men are gathering in strength and power and numbers in our parking lot…just to be together, eat together and yes, maybe sweat a little together (it’s supposed to not be too bad that night, though).

Plus, if you are a dad, you can either bring your older boys and have them hang with you in the company of men in the Mosaic parking lot, or if they are super small, and for the girls that don’t want to hang with daddy and the dudes, we have child care available. So please register here to get food for them!

It’s going to be a great night…plus, we will give you a sneak peek of one of the best events we do as a church…our annual men’s retreat!

So…be there!


P.S. For those of you who missed hearing about it Sunday, we have a special Q and A with Melissa Fisher tomorrow night from 6:30 to 8 pm in our main worship center. Melissa and I will be taking questions via text message about this past Sunday’s message on same-sex attraction. Melissa is the author of The Way of Hope: A Fresh Perspective on Sexual Identity, Same-Sex Attraction, and the Church. Childcare is available if you register here.

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