Mosaic is Moving to Four Services

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some exciting news, so read on to catch up!

If you were here this past Sunday (and I hope you were!), then you heard the announcement about Mosaic’s decision/need to move to four services, beginning Easter Sunday, April 21. This decision has not been made lightly, or without a lot of thought, prayer, consideration and input from lots of trusted folks over the last few months.

I’m sure you have lots of questions, so let’s do this Q&A style and I’ll do my best to answer some of them!

Why are we doing this?

First and foremost, we are creating space for people and space for God.

If you are in one of our first two Sunday morning services, and especially the second one, you know how (over)full they can get. Primarily with our parking and our children’s classrooms, we just need more space. On several occasions, there has been no place to park, and people have driven off; we want to eliminate that. You should know that our mKids leadership in particular is asking for this move, in order to better love and minister to our children.

I hope we never become a church that is just okay with having space for us and our children, but not for others who are searching for God and spiritual family. Once upon a time, someone made space for you here!

Got it! You’re right, Morgan. We do need some more space! So, what are the new times?

I’m glad you asked! After (again) a ton of consideration, they will be:

8:30 am, 10 am, 11:30 am and 1 pm.

In other words, everyone is moving! We felt like it would be better to start the first at 8:30 and the last one at 1 pm, rather than begin at 8 and keep the 12:30 time for the fourth. This helps our music team not have to arrive by 6:30 every weekend, and we felt 8:30 was better for families.

Before you choose, let me appeal to you not just to look at this through the lens of what is convenient, although that is understandable and even necessary at times. So many people have consistently been a part of our third service community (have we mentioned our team really loves that service? :)) that it has not only created space for people to come to that service, but to open up space in the other two as well.

In a lot of ways, because of the kind of church we are, the service you choose really has “missional” implications.

We also wanted to preserve as much of our current time in the service as we could, and still achieve the necessary turnaround time for our team members who are serving.

Which service should I choose?

Here is what I am hoping for:

If you are in the current 9 am service, would you please consider moving to the 8:30 (with one exception, which I’ll get to)?

If you are in the current 10:45 service, we need you to somehow figure out how to evenly split yourselves! I don’t know, just flip a coin for it or something…

But seriously, as you can imagine, one of the most likely services new people and guests will want to come to is the 10 am. If the whole, current 10:45 service just moves to the 10 am service, it won’t help us (or you) at all, and we will be right back where we are. Most likely, we need many of you to lean towards going to the 11:30 am service.

And, if you are in the current 12:30 service, will you please just slide on over to the 1 pm? Again, if everyone just moves back to the 11:30, this won’t help us, either. Our current 12:30 (soon to be 1 pm) service has so many people exploring faith, not from Christian backgrounds, and who are in a lot of need, many times, so choosing that service automatically positions you to be able to minister to non-Christians and those in need of God’s goodness. All you have to do is show up with a willing heart!

What about mKids and Mosaic Student Stuff?

MKids will be during all four services, and our current middle school environment will move to the 10 am (2nd) service. Elevate (middle and high school) will move to the 1 pm, which is where it is now, roughly speaking.

What about all the other “stuff?”

Likely, all our Membership, Foundations Course and GROW classes will be during the 10 am.

Will the same person preach at all four services?

Yes. And I’m excited about the opportunity, actually.

What’s next?

Well, we don’t know for sure, but we have several options which we are praying through. While we don’t want to make this facility the center of our church (God is the center of it!), we do have a strategic location, as you know, and we would prefer to stay here for the time being. Adding a service is helpful, because it is the financially least expensive option, but it is also potentially healthy, in that it calls the members of the church to meaningful service.

You may know that the statistics of churches of over 500 people unfortunately indicate a trend towards passivity within the church body. Statistically speaking, not only did we cross that threshold years ago, but we also have decidedly bucked that trend. Simply put, the percentage level of people who serve (and give!) in this church defy the trends of the American church. So…thank you. We have done this by not just building a bigger facility, which we might one day if needed (and that’s great for those who do this and have done this; no shade here), but by adding services, which, for us, “shrinks the church”, and offers more opportunities for connection and service.

All that being said, we could realistically either add 1 (or 2) evening services on Saturday or Sunday, or perhaps just as realistically, consider adding a site or a location somewhere. Either way, this fourth service gives us time to make that decision.

How are you doing with all this, Morgan?

Again, thanks for asking, and I include this because so many well-meaning people at Mosaic have asked me this.

Frankly, it’s encouraging, humbling and slightly overwhelming, in that order.

I went into ministry with a dream to see people come to know and love Jesus. That dream has expanded to see people of all kinds come to know and love one another as they love Jesus. The fact that this is happening is beyond encouraging.

It’s humbling because I know that any growing, living thing makes mistakes and can be awkward at times (if you have children, especially teens, you know this). To be up front is to invite critique, and to “succeed” in any way invites visibility and, again, critique. Do I know all the ways we make mistakes as a church? No. Do I know some? For sure. All of these are humbling.

But I do believe we get the big stuff right: doing ministry for the right reason and trying to push on our culture in ways that invite pushback. And when I think of little ‘ol us, nine years ago, struggling to survive, and I look at where we are now, I know: it is only by the grace of God. “He has made us, and not we ourselves” (Psalm 100).

And, it’s overwhelming, because, as Paul puts it: “Who is equal to such a task?” (2 Cor 2:16).

What can I do?

First, be here this Sunday to take a short survey we will be doing briefly during our time together in worship. This will provide some invaluable feedback for us.

Second, if you are not in the process of getting going in service somehow, please consider doing that. This is such a great way to get to know people and to make a difference. You should know that we have been working really hard over the last 8 months or so to consistently improve our systems and culture to help make you great as you go.

Third, please pray. And I mean it. I know I speak for many when I say that we feel God is doing something through us in the city, and it really does require your faith and prayers.

To God be the glory.