Meant For Good

At times it seems that if there is a God, he must be either absent or maybe even helpless. Is He really in charge?

How can the Bible claim that God is working for my good?

How can we believe that God loves us and is working in our lives?

There is perhaps no clearer place in the Bible that addresses those questions and thoughts and feelings than here in the book of Genesis. And what we will see, to try to answer our questions, is that we are given, above all, a story.

Because today, if your heart carries baggage and weight and hurt from things you just don’t understand, or you just want to know, “What is God like?”—what you need is a story.

You need this story, and if you will allow the beauty of this story to touch your heart, you won’t see your life in the same way.

We hope that, through a look at the life of Joseph in the month of May, you will see that, in the hands of God, it was (and is) all meant for good.