Better Together

What does it mean to be a diverse nation, full of diverse ideas and people and vision for the future?

How can we make it as a nation in a world full of competing ideas?

Better yet, how can we be what the world needs to see right now as a vision of what it could be?

What does it take to be a multiethnic, multigenerational, disciple-making church?

It takes you

and me

and us

and a kind of love so powerful it has always changed and will always change the world.

It’s the kind of love that draws us, keeps us and makes us:

Better Together.

Join us for the month of January as we celebrate what it takes to make a Mosaic.

We’ll be looking at the book of Ruth, and at one of the first multigenerational, multiethnic, disciple-making relationships in history—oh, and there’s a love story in there as well.

Let’s be Better Together in 2017.