Looking Backward/Forward

Happy Friday!

First, a look back:

I’d like to thank everyone for an incredible run through our You Have a Part to Play campaign. While we had so many amazing and encouraging things happen, the really encouraging part was all the good we did in the city together.

Maybe you did or didn’t catch it on Sunday, but we had hundreds and hundreds of people collectively investing thousands of hours into serving their communities over the last two months, making the city a better place for all people to live.

Thank you so much to our community group leaders in particular, to our staff, to our behind-the-scenes campaign director, Alissa Roberts, and to you, for playing your part and coming along for a great ride!

Oh, and thank you to all our volunteers who made last Sunday night’s Fall Festival such a blast! It really was, I think, our best one yet. If you were unable to make it, you missed a great time, and you can check out a bunch of snaps over on our Mosaic Church Austin Facebook page to get a glimpse of the scope of the event, and some shots of some cute kids in great costumes (and some pretty great teens and adults as well.)

And now, a look ahead:

2 things: First of all, this Sunday, we are beginning a brand new series called, “When Richie Met Gracie”. It’s all about a love story…of financial proportions! We are looking at what happens when our “riches” meet the “grace” of God. As you can tell, we are going to try to have some fun with the topic!

But even more importantly than that, this Sunday, the first Sunday in November, has grown to be a kind of holiday/party/celebration at Mosaic Church over the past years. Besides being the “good” Daylight Savings weekend (set those clocks back!) we do something so amazing that it’s hard to believe. If you’ve been here, you know what it is and how incredible and FUN it is, and if you don’t know…well, I’m not going to spoil it for you here. You’ll see this Sunday!

For real, this would be the perfect Sunday to invite someone, to allow them to experience how amazing a church community can be. I promise you, you will be glad you invited someone and they will thank you for inviting them, if for no other reason than to experience what happens.

That’s it! There’s other stuff that’s coming up this month…the Women’s Weekend, guest speaker and prophetic minister Jim Laffoon is coming at the end of the month, and much more…but that’s enough for now.


I’ll see you this Sunday as we get ready to “Live Big”. 🙂



P.S. Don’t forget! TGA is tonight at 7!

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