Just a Quick Reminder

Just a quick reminder of a few important things coming up:

1. Mosaic Olympics: who could forget this? If you were here last Sunday, we witnessed an unforgettable announcement about the 2018 Mosaic Olympics, which began last Sunday within the context of our community groups, and will culminate next Saturday, April 21 from 10 am – 2 pm, at Katherine Fleischer Park in north Austin. Far more than just games, there will be a ton of food, stuff for the kids, and lots of people—basically, this is an excuse for everyone to connect with old friends, make some new ones, and demonstrate to the city what Gospel community looks like.

2. Women’s Night of Ministry: this is coming up on Friday, April 27 from 7 – 9 pm at Mosaic Church. Women, please come, ready to be encouraged and to encourage others in their lives, families and careers. It’s going to be a great night full of connection with the heart of God and the hearts of others. Child care is available if you register. And especially if you are new to Mosaic, this is a great place to begin!

3. TGA: Diversity short for “The Gospel And”, TGA is Mosaic’s vehicle to create a safe space for courageous conversations about things that normally divide people in our culture. This night will focus on the intersection between race, diversity and the creation of communities of belonging. We would love to have you (or have you back!), and child care is available if you register.

Thank you for participating in these events, and I want to take a brief moment, in closing, to give you three quick reasons as to why you should consider being a part of things like this:

  • It’s easier to make a difference together than alone—I believe Mosaic is the kind of place where people who want to make a difference gather together to influence lives and culture, and it’s far more difficult to do this by yourself than it is with other amazing people
  • As a multiethnic church, when we gather, we proclaim—I have lost count of the times, and maybe you have, too, that people come to Mosaic and ask, how do all these different people come together? The answer: Jesus. When we gather, we proclaim.
  • Because you love and want to support your local church—as much I champion the importance (at least I think I do!) of caring for yourself and your family, the fact is, churches are made up of lots of amazing individuals who have chosen not to function in isolation, but who contribute to a common cause, collectively. No church can have a thriving Gospel witness in a city without its people choosing to be a part of something bigger than themselves and their challenging schedules. I want to be a part of something great, and I believe you do, too, and that takes us doing things together strategically and rhythmically.

In other words, we’ll see you there!

Much love,