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As always, I just want to tell you how much you are loved and how grateful I am to be a part of the Mosaic community along with you. As people who love God and who love people, I am so proud of us and how we continue to press in to challenging topics, and to prioritize God’s Word and His ways above our own, even at a cost.

The reason I mention this is because I want you to be aware of something particularly challenging we will be looking at this Sunday as we continue in our series called “The Gospel is for Everyone”, a look at the book of Romans. If you are familiar at all with the book of Romans, you may know that the last part of the first chapter of Romans has some particularly challenging things to say with respect to our sexual ethics.

Most of the reason this chapter is such a challenge for us is the time and place in which we live. As Americans in the 21st Century West, sociologists tell us we live in an age marked by both radical consumerism and radical individualism, summed up in the phrase “expressive individualism”: a belief system in which no one hegemonic (overarching) power or story (like a God or Holy Scriptures) can possibly know what it’s like to be us or tell us what to do, or how to live or think. In short, we live in a culture in which people want to be their own god.

And, perhaps there is no greater evidence of this than our culture’s insistence on no restraints or limits when it comes to sexual expression. Thankfully, the New Testament was written in a similar culture, and in fact, in many ways, ancient Rome was far more broken in this area than we are today, giving us a kind of “apples to apples” way of looking at and applying the truths of Romans 1.

That being said, this Sunday, we will be talking about Paul’s thoughts and words and message at the end of Romans 1, and in particular for you with young children, I would encourage you to have your children in mKids this coming Sunday if they normally sit with you in the main room, at least during the message portion of our service. The content in the message will by no means be explicit, but it may be a bit over your younger children’s heads, and bring up issues that you as a parent may not deem as appropriate just yet for your younger child. On the other hand, I would strongly encourage those of you with children in middle or high school to have your children with you in the service. My opinion as a parent is that what and how we talk about Romans 1 will be important for them to hear.

Most of all, you can pray for me as I seek to communicate in a way that is both loving to people and faithful to God’s Word.

I can’t wait to go through this with you this weekend. We don’t want to be people who ignore the hard stuff, but who faithfully work through whatever challenge the Gospel presents to whatever culture in which we live.

Much love to you,


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