In case you missed it this past weekend, we have three great things to fill you in on:

1. The conclusion of our For the Love Campaign

We saw literally hundreds of people get connected to community groups over the last two months, and so many of our groups participated in pulling off a group service project out in the Austin community. I love it when we get to do something tangible and local in a way that benefits the communities in which we live. Great job, Pastor Brett, in helping lead us through that and for serving our church through making countless connections! And thank you to all who participated in our micro-projects across the city.

2. Our Fall Festival was amazing!

We estimate, like last year, to have had more than 1000 people in our parking lot—but it didn’t feel nearly as crowded because of the great job our Events Director, Drea Kelly, did with the layout and setup. We had way more of our property utilized, and people spread out in new activities and spaces. There were a ton of guests and newcomers there that got to experience a little bit of what makes us, us. And thank you church, also, for your giving, which makes a day like that possible and free for the community, and thank you to all of you who volunteered. It’s a really big deal and it made it all possible!

3. We begin a new series this month

It’s called “The People of Mosaic”, and we will be looking at the collective impact we can make as a church when we give, when we serve, and when we love. I am trusting for this to be one of the most inspirational months of the year, where we will share stories about how we have made a big difference and will create opportunities for us to make a big difference in the future.

If there were one weekend and one message I wish everyone in Austin would be here to hear, it would be this weekend and this message. If you have been thinking about inviting your friends or neighbors, this is especially the right time! I think they will walk away, even if they don’t believe in Jesus, thinking, “I like what that church is all about.”

Much love to you!