Happy New Year!

As crazy as it sounds, Christmas is behind us, and a New Year is upon us.

And not just any New Year, but the year 2020, which just sounds really cool and feels really important… somehow.

But, new years are always great times for new beginnings, even if it’s a small beginning.

Maybe there’s something small that you’ve been wanting to introduce into your life that you realize could bring about big changes down the road.

As a matter of fact, productivity experts and life coaches have repeatedly emphasized that certain kinds of small changes can lead to the biggest results and changes in your life overall, and these kind of small habits are called “Keystone Habits”.

keystone habit, for example, for a family, would be to have dinner together at home several times a week. Not eating out, not eating separately, but eating at home together. This simple habit has proven to improve children’s grades, emotional control and self-confidence.

Another one, not surprisingly, is exercise. Exercising just a few minutes twice a week enables people to be more productive, eat better, and significantly reduce stress.

There are many more examples of this, but the point is that small things can lead to big results: people have keystone habits, families have them, and organizations, like churches, have them, too.

So, this Sunday, I want to talk about that, among other things—one keystone habit that could make all the difference in your life, in the life of someone else, and the life of Mosaic Church in 2020.

It’s likely something that you already do, but as we kick off the new year, I hope to bring that one thing out, hold it up, and show you how powerful it can be.

Along with that, this Sunday, we will be receiving communion together, talking about our upcoming Church-Wide Week of Prayer and Fasting, and giving you an “LOL ICYMI moment” for 2019.

I’m eager and expectant to see all that God does this year, with you!





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