Gettin’ Those Steps In!

For some of us choosing God as our Lord and Savior was easy. For others, the path to Him was more difficult. Regardless of how we came to be followers of Jesus Christ, here we are, His people, His church, His bride, His love. 

God invites each of us to walk with Him, to be His people, and to become who He has created and called us to be. As we walk with him, we grow in His likeness so that the world may see and know and experience His great love through us. We walk to become fully His, remembering His love and knowing His will and responding accordingly.  We walk with God to search and discover and become…us. His. But becoming anything takes work, intentionality, and practice. It takes a walking out of something. In the church world, we call this the sanctification process or journey or trek. Regardless of how you refer to it, the meaning is the same. There’s an exchange. There is a walking away and leaving behind the old, while taking steps forward to pursue the new.

Over the years, I have often been asked, “How…how do you walk with God? What does it look like…practically?” I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to talk about something that I am passionate about: discipleship. It allows me to lead them through the “walking steps” or the rhythms of the Christian life – walking with God and each other. Walking with them as they discover spiritual disciplines is transformative for them, for me and for the world around us. And we gettin’ those steps in!

This year, the women of Mosaic are heading out to Burnet, Texas for two days so we can walk with God and each other. We will walk through spiritual practices and rhythms that will engage our hearts, minds and souls to become who He has called us to be and bring His Kingdom on Earth. 

This Women’s Weekend will take place November 7 – 9 at Log Country Cove. We will be staying in homes at this amazing property that spans across 40 acres of land. Every home is unique and has a little something different to offer. For example, some have a fire pit, some have a hot tub or front porch swings, a couple have a pool and a few are lakefront. With all that greatness, each house offers us something of the same – space to connect with old and new friends.

Need more to look forward too? There will be custom menus (heyyyy!) and unique experiences with adventurous activities to choose from – all for us to learn, grow, and walk with God and each other. 

If you weren’t considering coming along on this walk with us, I hope you are now! There is limited space, so head to the website and register. There you will find more information, along with a link to Log Country Cove, so you can get a feel of the homes and a lay of the land.

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