Everything I Didn’t Know 25 Years Ago

Do you remember your first Sunday at Mosaic? Maybe it was five years ago, and it’s a little hard to recollect. Or maybe it was last week, in which case if you can’t remember it, you haven’t gotten enough sleep this week. (Jesus probably wants you to take a nap whenever possible.)

The first Sunday I ever spent at our church doesn’t stick out much in my memory. I have proof that it happened though, because here we are after church at some restaurant that probably doesn’t even exist any longer:

At the time, I didn’t live in Austin. I was a college student at the University of Houston and had driven up to Austin for the weekend to visit friends who were a part of the original church plant that would become the Mosaic we all know today.

While I wish I could conjure up the details of that first Sunday, they are a blur all these years later. The calendar and the wrinkles on my face tell me almost twenty-five years have passed, but my heart has a hard time reconciling that fact.

I didn’t know then that I would one day marry one of one of my best friends from UofH, or that he and I would serve this church as campus missionaries at UT and then later as pastors.

I didn’t know the joy we would experience as God reached college students and birthed them into the Kingdom of God.

I didn’t know we would be given such a great blessing in the diversity of this spiritual family.

I couldn’t see how great it would be to have our kids grow up in a church they love to attend every week, where they have been loved for who they are and not for how good they can pretend to be.

I didn’t know the church would grow from meeting in a hotel, to meeting in an old Tuesday Morning on Anderson Lane, then finally to this quirky old building we’ve been in all these years now.

I didn’t know how our church would grow and then shrink until it got very, very scary, and then how Jesus would rescue us just at the right time.

I didn’t know that my heart would break a million times for the people in our church as they struggle through circumstances that are unjust and tragic.

I didn’t know we would celebrate one another so victoriously, love one another so deeply, and pass out grace and forgiveness in such abundance to one another.

I didn’t know your joy would become my joy and your pain would become my pain.

I definitely didn’t know we would one day wish for a bigger parking lot seventeen hundred times a week.

Alas, here we are, adding a fourth service on Easter Sunday to make room for all the people God is birthing into his Kingdom and adding to our community. It is more than we could ever do without God’s power and presence, and yet just one small transition in all he has planned for us in the next twenty-five or more years.

A few people have told me they are praying for all of us as we adjust to the additional service. All I can say in response is, Thank you.

We are crazy-grateful to be in the midst of a people so in love with the risen Christ, who live sacrificially and worship God with such incredible generosity. We hope that you will all join us this Sunday for our final week of only three services, so we can celebrate together how far this one small church has come.

It’s taken me twenty-five years to really know this, even though Morgan has been saying it for years now: The best is yet to come.

See you Sunday, dear friends, when we will make some new memories together.